"Hopeless" turns Hopeful

"Hopeless" turns Hopeful
A gentleman calls wanting to know whether he has a chance of passing the CA Bar Exam.

A stranger calls, crying and angry, after a tutor tells her she is “hopeless” after failing and hangs up on her.

Two female candidates tell me a male tutor calls them “stupid” during their one-on-one tutorial with him.

Bar exam repeaters are inundated with negativity…negative results, negative statistics, and negative experiences. If you choose to continue this journey, focus on the flip side, the possibility of passing the bar exam.

Extraordinary results are possible when the candidate and tutor focus on the individual passing the bar exam. With proper preparation and presentation, what repeaters scored last time is irrelevant at the bar exam. What is important is what you can do this time.

My candidates prove (time, and time, and time again), teams of multi-repeaters can pass the CA Bar Exam whether in February or July, whether from an unaccredited law school, whether working full time, or whether returning from a hiatus.

Safeguard your goal by believing you can pass this exam before actually passing the exam.

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Bar Exam Strategist
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