Top 10 Countdown…

Advantages of Being a Bar Exam Repeater <br><SMALL>(a humorous look at the bar exam)</SMALL>
Advantages of Being a Repeater at the Bar Exam:

10. You know you can put in at least one ear plug during exam instructions

9. You find humor in the littlest things

8. You know not to give credence to nervous guy at the exam seeking validation for the issues he spotted

7. Demonstrated Tenacity

6. You know not to drink the offered water before the exam, or you will be sorry once the exam starts

5. The law is now in your long term memory

4. You have done way more multi-states than the rookies

3. You are in the majority

2. Been there, done that

1. Ivy League Law School sweatshirts don’t intimidate you, you know that anyone can buy them online

Enjoy the bar exam, it is what you have been working toward. Good Luck to you.
---Paulina Bandy, Esq.