Bar Exam Repeaters Want Repeat Results At February 2010 Bar Exam

Bar exam candidates in Paulina Bandy's tutorial are hoping for a repeat performance at this February CA Bar Exam. Last February, every repeat taker who took Bandy's interactive tutorial passed the CA Bar Exam.

February 15, 2010 ( - "Repeat" and "Bar Exam" are not words bar candidates usually like to see in the same sentence, unless you are a part of Paulina Bandy's Let's Do This Thing™ Tutorial. Bandy's candidates are hoping for a repeat of last February's bar exam results where 100% of the bar candidate's participating in her tutorial passed. These statistics are impressive for any bar review, however considering the candidates that are accepted into this program, the statistics are staggering. Bandy's candidates typically have a 3-11% chance of passing when they come to her, according to The State Bar of California statistics for February 2009 CA Bar Exam.

Bandy explains her candidates pass as a result of a functional collaboration. "I provide the lessons and study materials, my candidates give life to it" Bandy says.

The success rate of the Let's Do Thing™ program makes low pass rate predictions for repeat takers obsolete. "When I teach Repeaters how to play this game, and they play it, they too have the opportunity to pass the CA Bar Exam" Bandy says.

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