BarBright<Font Size=1><Sup>SM</Sup></Font> Tutorial<br>for Immediate Repeaters
Now You Know.™ Tutorial

From bar exam dread to being ahead!

This tutorial is for you if you:

*Want to learn how repeaters pass the CA Bar Exam
*Failed July 2019 bar exam, are taking February 2020
*Have a disadvantaged starting point (examples: working full-time; not from top tier law school).
*Are empowered by positive change
*Need structure to gain performance confidence
*Have the discipline to change repetition for good

Most candidates who failed the bar exam went to law school and took bar review. My job takes it from there.
I step in when law school and bar review did not yield pass results for you. Together we work on getting your performance level to where it needs to be in order for you to perform at the level you need to pass the California Bar Exam. I created the lessons and materials which do just that.

This program includes:
-access to Paulina Bandy's tested and proven CA Bar Exam Book of PromptsTM
-applicable lessons for this point in your preparation
-practical application assignments which serve as a catalyst for grander lessons.

The complete bar candidate is considered in this program. Essays, Multi-states, and Performance Exam are considerations as well as the candidate's peak performance.

Finding a Match and Tuition:
Please email me your interest in this program and we may arrange a teleconference to discuss your bar exam preparation. It is important to our success that this program be a good fit; therefore, I offer free consultations for this purpose. I will address any questions you have or we may decide to get started. Factors such as your needs, preferences, and start time play a role in tuition so a proposal will be sent with your specific options after your consultation.

A Paulina Bandy, Esq. Private Tutorial.
A nondisclosure agreement is required.
Candidate selection is based upon program compatibility and availability.
Common Sense Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that if you take this tutorial that you too will pass the CA Bar Exam. It is the goal. It is the focus. However, I am a component part who cannot control all variables.