CA Bar Exam July 2011 Repeat Challenge

Is Paulina Bandy's July 2011 team of tutees up for the repeat challenge? Last July, all Bandy's bar exam candidates passed the CA Bar Exam. These candidates now pass the baton to the July 2011 team of repeaters to make this quantum leap.

June 10, 2011 ( - Each February and July, Paulina Bandy takes a team of select bar exam repeaters to compete at the CA Bar Exam. She retools these repeat takers to beat arguably the toughest bar exam.

Bandy's team does not consist of most bar coaches' first picks having each failed the bar exam multiple times. Yet, Bandy gets exam performances out of these candidates that no one else could.

When Bandy was asked about this 100% pass rate challenge going out to her students, she answers with an inviting smile "This challenge should not be whether my candidates can match my last July candidates' success; rather, the challenge should be whether other bar exam candidates can compete against my bar exam candidates."

Paulina Bandy's Let's Do This Thing Tutorial was specifically created to meet the educational needs of the CA Bar Exam Repeater.