Bar Review After Bar Review

Bar Review After Bar Review
Another example of defying the CA Bar Exam pass rate statistics…

She started off in bar review. She failed the CA Bar Exam. After repeating bar review, after bar review, struggling on her own, taking and failing the CA Bar Exam for years, she contacted me for help.

Checking results was too painful after receiving negative results for years. She opted to leave the country. She wanted me to access her results through my Good Luck Portal on Friday. She provided her applicant number, file number, parents' phone number, and left.

I was honored to announce to her mother "Congratulations your daughter passed the bar exam". Her mom screamed, "Thank you! Thank you!" Her intensity gave me goose bumps. "Thank you" she adds. I could hear the family and supporters roar in the background over the phone. Explaining the screams, "We are all celebrating here" she shares with me.

Witnessing happy bar passing endings, is not just rewarding and addictive to me, I want you to visualize it for yourself. People do pass this exam. Why not you?

Wishing you a renewed excitement for your goal. Good Luck at the bar exam.

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Bar Exam Strategist
CA Bar Exam Repeaters' Resource™

For the Record: For continuity of the account above, the following was not mentioned; however, for the record… after passing the CA Bar Exam you must get sworn in. You must have passed the MPRE, and the Moral Determination, prior to actually becoming an Attorney.

Common Sense Disclaimer: Because this candidate passed, it is not to be construed as a guarantee that you will pass if you take the program she took...after all, it is the CA Bar Exam. With that being said, passing the bar exam is always the goal at Repeaters' Resource, and we would like you too to have a passing mind-set.