The Means to an End Tutorial
with Paulina Bandy, Esq.

The Means to an End&#8480 <br>Tutorial - Repeater, ABA Law School Grad, Perfectionists
The focus here is catapulting you over the bar review candidates.

The candidate in this program has a decent legal education and strong determination, yet it is not earning them a bar exam pass.

Understanding - The Beginning

Understanding where you have been, and what you need to do to get what you want, begins with the courtesy consultation.

Our conversation helps you understand the bar prep process, makes you more compassionate to yourself for failing, and arouses your desire to further your skills.

The Passionate Candidate

The candidate in this tutorial is like-minded in my obsession with passing the bar exam and excited about learning and applying my teachings.

This program yields beautiful symbiotic relationships. I supply what you need, and it is rewarding to me because you appreciate and understand what I am doing, willingly participate, and are capable of bringing our dreams of your passing the bar exam to fruition!

Supplying Necessities

Follow my Lead. Use my Bar Exam Enhancements. Practice my Teachings.

Pull away from the average bar review pack with lessons which defy statistics.

Guidance and custom tweaking will be necessary throughout the preparatory period as you follow my Successful Sequence to Bar Prep™.

Although we will make significant additions and changes, your past bar prep endeavors were not a waste. We will sculpt that mound of clay!

My Bar Exam Semantics guidebook is available to you in this tutorial.

Courtesy Consultation:
Cut out the middle man, email me directly to arrange a courtesy consultation:
Please put your target bar exam in email subject line.
Please include your schedule so I may respond with a mutually convenient meeting time for you to call.

I offer courtesy consultations because I am aware of the plight of repeaters and I want you to make an informed choice about your bar exam preparation. This is a time to discuss your bar exam preparation, privately and candidly, without any obligation on either of our parts.
Please return this favor by respecting my schedule and time.

Currently there are no consultation times available for the July 2022 preparatory season.

These private lessons with Paulina Bandy, Esq. start at $6,500 for the 2022 Calbar preparatory seasons. Factors such as your educational experience, needs, preferences, and start time play a role in tuition determination. After our consultation if we both decide we are interested in possibly working together, a proposal will be emailed to you with detailed options.

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Bar Exam Strategist

A Nondisclosure/Confidentiality agreement is required to participate in any Paulina Bandy, Esq. tutorials.

There is a cap on enrollment in this one-on-one program.

The Means to an EndSM Tutorial is suggested for Calbar Repeaters whose legal education and exam experience allows us to travel to upper echelon moves more quickly, and who now need my help because they have done all they can to pass and have not. If however, your LSAT experience and law school education show you need more steadying, or you have taken the bar exam multiple times, the Changing CourseSM tutorial is designed to meet your needs. Found here: Changing CourseSM Tutorial - Calbar Multi-Repeaters

I am only consulting with California Bar Exam candidates at this time.

Common Sense Disclaimer: Success of my past tutees is not to be construed as a guarantee for your exam success due to the nature of the bar exam and the fact that I am only part of the equation