Do I Need a Bar Exam Tutor? Benefit from Repeater Hindsight

Do I Need a Bar Exam Tutor? Benefit from Repeater Hindsight
We asked Paulina Bandy’s past tutees what they would like to share with Repeaters who are trying to decide if they want to hire a tutor. Here is what they wanted to tell you...
“I didn’t have problems with complex analysis, but I had major problems issue spotting. The Prompts gave me a cohesive roadmap that I could access instantly to issue spot and not waste any time staring at fact patterns hoping that the issues materialize and jump off the page. Once I had the Prompts down I didn’t miss issues anymore.”
“Paulina’s no-nonsense lessons were just the kind of instruction that I needed and thrived on. No long drawn-out hypotheticals, no spoon-feeding, and no highly embellished bar exam horror stories. The lessons were just the raw black-letter data and inside information necessary to succeed on the exam. Paulina didn’t waste any time, every minute was valuable and interactive. Paulina gets to the point and makes long lectures seem obsolete.”
“The lessons were much more personalized to me. By having the one-on-one personal attention I was able to ask questions specific to my learning ability, which really helped me conceptualize the material and feel better prepared for the exam. And by being better prepared I didn't feel as nervous, which gave me better focus while taking it.”
“Past exam critiques seemed merely boilerplate and superficial – they never got to the heart of the problem for me. Paulina immediately identified my own personal and unique obstacles to passing essays in each subject and gave me the solution to fixing the problem. It was by no means a quick fix and it required that I invest my own sweat equity through hours of practice essays. However, the difference this time was that I was no longer repeating the same mistakes because Paulina gave me the right tools. Best of all, her feedback was timely.”
“Paulina’s frameworks gave me the structure I needed to convert my existing outlines into state of the art tools for dissecting fact patterns, organizing my essays and writing them with ease.”
“Paulina is part coach, part detective, part counselor, and part reconstructive surgeon. The issues I had passing the bar were the same issues that I had in law school. Few of my professors were able, or willing, to help diagnose or treat my exam taking problems. The feedback I received from others was something like this: "brilliant analysis but you missed issues and you didn't give me the complete rule." Within minutes of talking to me, Paulina knew exactly how to help me. I knew almost right away she was the right choice. I never doubted Paulina, so I never doubted myself. She took my raw analytical talent and helped me unlock my ability to issue spot and write great essays using highly effective Frameworks and Prompts."
“Paulina's Framework and Prompts provided an easier way to memorize and recall the key concepts of the IRAC essay writing method. By having the frameworks for each subject and using the Prompts to help me recall each element it was easier for me to better apply the facts given to the issue at hand, which in turn helped me write a better essay.”
“The feedback was great. It showed me what I was doing wrong, how I was writing incorrectly, and helped me shorten my essay answers to be more clear, precise and to the point.”
“I believe personal, one-on-one tutorial is the only way to go when studying for the California Bar Exam. The test has become more and more difficult over the years and it really takes the kind of keen insight to be successful.”

This repeater hindsight provides an inside look into the tutorial relationship, to help you weigh your options, and make an informed decision. For the above candidates, having Paulina Bandy as a tutor made the difference between failing and passing the CA Bar Exam.

Want to know more about this survey?

The participants: The participants were seasoned multi-repeaters who passed the next bar exam after taking Paulina Bandy’s tutorial.

Bar Exam FrameworksTM and Bar Exam PromptsTM: The "Prompts" and "Frameworks" the above bar exam tutees referred to are the protected works of Paulina Bandy and used exclusively in her private tutorial.

A little tribute to the participants of this survey from Paulina Bandy: "I would like to thank my candidates for being so beautifully Bandy biased and wanting to help fellow bar candidates. I appreciate your dedication and am proud of the difference you are making as practicing attorneys."

Common Sense Disclaimer: The above Repeater Hindsight was provided by past candidates who walked in your shoes and wanted to provide some help. Their statements are not to be construed as a guarantee that you will pass if you hire a tutor. Wouldn't it be nice if such a guarantee was possible?