On the Upside of Bar Exam Preparation

Tutees Share Breakthroughs - The Upside
When bar candidates fail the bar exam after taking bar review, and hiring other tutors, they have a deeper appreciation for Paulina Bandy's help. Often tutees share their breakthroughs and gratitude after experiencing Paulina Bandy's tutorial firsthand...

“I just want to thank you. I am starting to love writing again.”
---July 2015 Tutee

“In a couple of months you taught me more than I learned in 3 years at Hastings."
---July 2015 Tutee

"Thank you for this. It makes me want to re-take the practice Torts exam to correct my errors! Wow! …thorough and comprehensive..."
---July 2015 Tutee

“Thanks for giving me the skill set to tackle this exam and for believing in me!”
---February 2015 Tutee

“...so inspiring it brought me to tears. Thank you so much. You are truly the best.”
---February 2014 Tutee

“I can’t wait for this to be over, and I know it will be very very soon thanks to you.”
---February 2015 Tutee

“…thank you for all that you've done for me.”
---February 2013 Tutee

"I just wanted you to know that after every meeting, you help me reenergize and refocus on the ultimate goal, and most importantly you help me realize that I too will pass. Although this may be part of every “tutor’s” tasks, as you know I have come across many and I have hired many, but no one prior to you had caused me to have the belief I have now that this is doable for me. The rest is up to me and to do the work. So thank you!"
---February 2012 Tutee

"No one ever taught me this before. No bar review, not the bar review essay program, no tutor, ever told me what I was doing wrong in my analysis. I am so excited."
---July 2011 Tutee

"Thank you, Paulina! This is amazing feedback. Now I can see where my weaknesses are and what I need to work on...Truly looking forward to Friday's session."
---July 2011 Tutee

"Thank you Ms Bandy. First time I got feedback like this from a tutor....didn't realize... how that hinders my analysis. ...I've got lots of work to do for this..."
---July 2011 Tutee

"Finally! I've had a break through!... I was excited and had to tell you. Thanks for your essay feedback. It is literally the first time someone has thoroughly dissected my work and laid it all out so I can visually see where I'm going wrong...I can't wait for this weeks crim pro and con law essays to apply what I've now learned and start making real progress! THANK YOU !!!!"
---February 2011 Tutee

"Thank you very much Paulina. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made the decision to take your course. I also appreciate your continued effort in keeping me optimistic and energized."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2012

"I'm feeling good right now. It's sick but this is slightly fun."
---July 2010 Tutee

"Wow. You are good."
---July 2008 Tutee

Prepare to Pass™

Portions of some of the emails above were redacted to preserve trade secrets and confidentiality...and edited down for brevity sake. This is not an exhaustive list of all breakthroughs received from 2007 to 2018. These are just some of the most cherished, and reflective of turning points.