Bar Exam Mind Set download

Bar Exam Mind Set download

Bar Exam Mind Set™ is available for the personal use of bar exam repeaters to reduce test anxiety and help create positive visualization.

The timing and fact pattern considerations in this recording are appropriate for any bar exam essay, in any state, in the United States. This download is a M4A file format.

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Terms and Conditions: By clicking on the "add to cart" button you agree to the terms and conditions of use for this intellectual property. This recording is for individual, bar exam candidate use only. Any commercial users including in part, law schools, bar exam preparations, hypnotherapists, and/or psychologists, or others interested in using Bar Exam Mind Set™ in their programs or with their clientele, must obtain a special licensing agreement. You may email Paulina Bandy directly at to discuss such an arrangement.

This recording is only available to bar candidates within the United States.

Do not listen to Bar Exam Mind Set™ while driving. To do so, may impair your driving and the effectiveness of this relaxation session.

Disclosure Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code: I am not a licensed physician. This recording is alternative or complementary to the healing arts licensed by the state of California. The services to be provided are not licensed by the state. This recording is non-diagnostic and does not include the practice of medicine or psychology or any other licensed healing art. I do not recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments. This recording is not a substitute for professional intervention. If you feel that you need treatment, please seek professional help.

Disclaimer: This recording is not a substitute for studying. Although we wish we could guarantee a passing score with just listening to a download, due to the nature of the exam we can not.