Inquiries, Free Consultation, and Tuition:

Please email me, personally, at your interest in my private tutorials and we may arrange a teleconference to discuss your bar exam preparation. It is important to our success that this program be a good fit; therefore, I offer free consultations for this purpose. I will address any questions you have or we may decide to get you started.
Factors such as your needs and start time play a role in tuition so a proposal will be sent with your options after your consultation if we want to move forward.

Consultations are offered out of respect to bar exam repeaters. It is a safe, private conversation to candidly discuss your preparation and help you decipher what to do. It is not a sales pitch. It is free, without obligation on either of our parts. Please return this respect by calling at your scheduled appointment time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

---Paulina Bandy, Esq.

Tutorials and Consultations are available to repeaters sitting for the California Bar Exam, no matter where they are located, via teleconferencing.

Interested in teaming up with Paulina Bandy?

The first step: Email Paulina at and introduce yourself.
Tell her about your education and past preparation. Please include your target bar exam and program interest in the subject line.

Note: Connecting quickly
Email is the fastest way to get an appointment with Ms. Bandy at
Putting your target bar exam, and need for help, in the email subject line allows Ms. Bandy to prioritize your email.

Often bar candidates have busy schedules as well, so arranging a consultation time via email is mutually convenient. Leaving a phone message often leads to phone tag which complicates connecting and is not the best use of time.

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