Bar Repeater Rut - Breaking Routine
with Paulina Bandy, Esq.

Bar Repeater Rut  - Breaking Routine <br>with Paulina Bandy, Esq.</font>
It starts with making sense of this situation.
I offer courtesy consultations for bar exam repeaters because no one did that for me when I was a bar candidate. Although I can not take everyone under my wing, I can help repeaters understand why the bar prep system is not working for them.

If you are in a bar prep rut wondering why this process is not working for you, we can discuss this. If you want to know if Paulina Bandy is the best bar exam tutor for you, we can discuss that too.

To give you heads-up, my tutee selection process is 3-fold:
The Preliminary Phase, The Consultation Phase, The Proposal Phase.

1. Preliminary Phase: The Email for Help

Reflecting upon the success of my program, below I list common denominators of passing Calbar tutees who have brought my mission and teachings to life (and contribute to my job satisfaction):

*Failed bar exam after bar review and other tutors
*Do not accept defeat
*Receptive to Change
*Follow my Lead
*Do Assigned Work
*Realize we both must do our jobs for their success
*Enthusiastic (not necessarily as enthusiastic as me, but fun to work with)

My private tutorial is for CA Bar Exam multi-repeaters only.

If you fit the above description, have questions about my program, and want to elevate your performance above the bar review crowd, please email and let me know you are a Calbar repeater and which bar exam you are sitting for (July 2021 or February 2022).

2. Consultation Phase: The Candid Discussion

After emailing me for help and addressing a few preliminary questions (such as, are you a Calbar repeater? have you taken bar review?), a mutually convenient teleconference time is arranged to discuss your bar exam preparation in detail.

This consultation helps you navigate the bar preparation system so you may make an informed decision to further your goal of passing the CA Bar Exam.

3. Proposal Phase: The Invitation to Work Together

If we both want to proceed after our discussion, then a proposal is sent to you with options. At this point, you decide if you want to move forward.

Always looking forward to working with bar exam repeaters who need what I provide!

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Bar Exam Strategist
CA Bar Exam Repeaters' Resource™

"Prepare to Pass"™

Common Sense Disclaimer: The above help is not to be conveyed as a guarantee or to create any unrealistic expectations. To the contrary, my desire is to create realistic expectations and teach bar exam repeaters what to do about it.