Paulina Bandy Creates Bar Prep for Repeaters

Paulina Bandy Creates Bar Prep for Repeaters
"Repeater Success is not an oxymoron"
-Paulina Bandy, Esq.

Repeater Bar Exam Preparation was needed. Bar review and exam critiques were not filling the holes in repeater studies or exam performance. Paulina Bandy, Esq. created and developed preparation materials, lessons, and exam tools geared toward Bar Exam Repeaters' needs and desires.

Ms. Bandy created bar exam preparation for Repeaters with two things in mind:

(1) The Necessity – Meet the needs of Repeaters so they pass the exam
(2) The Golden Rule – Treat Repeaters as she would like to be treated

The Necessity- Bar Exam Preparation for Repeaters

There was no diversity in bar exam preparation. Bar review courses, and tutors, had similar backgrounds and experiences. If the candidate was pieced from the same fabric as bar review instructors, then the system worked. However, if you differed in foundation or had a different learning style, the Repeater got the impression it was their fault for failing, not the system. Enter, Paulina Bandy. She witnessed Repeaters getting poorer and more depressed as they gave money to bar review course, after bar review course, without gaining any ground. She saw what Repeaters were missing, and filled the void.

Paulina Bandy created tutorials to address the particular needs of California bar exam candidates. In her private tutorial, she diligently provides what repeat takers of this challenging bar exam need to pass.

Paulina Bandy originated curriculum geared toward Repeaters. She creates and develops exam tools and study enhancements for Repeaters. She writes articles to guide and ease the pain of the bar exam preparation process. As the ABA Journal puts it, Ms. Bandy "caters to repeaters".

Ask bar candidates why Bandy's programs are so successful with Repeaters, and they will say she meets their needs.

The Golden Rule - Bringing Mutual Respect to Bar Exam Preparation

The following are real Bar Exam Candidate stories which inspired Ms. Bandy to bring her knowledge, teaching skills, and dependability to the bar exam preparation industry...

The day after I received my failing results, an attorney who I did not know, who was now tutoring bar candidates, called me and said he was calling unsuccessful candidates from a list he had. He called me in my home to solicit his tutoring service. When I told him my scores he told me I was “hopeless”, and hung up on me.

After failing with bar review, I took their repeat taker course because I was offered a “guarantee” if I did not pass. It was just a repeat of bar review. Since there was no service, it did not matter to them if I repeated the course over and over again. The “guarantee” and “discount” cost me both time and money.

They advertised "personalized" and "targeted" help for re-takers. I had taken their bar review and was interested in their repeat taker package because it was cheaper than tutors. When I called them to ask questions about the tutorial, I was transferred to what sounded like a call center. I was then told the re-taker program was just a repeat of bar review. I asked about help for repeaters and the representative said "I'm not sure". Was this one of the highly-skilled bar exam professionals they advertised?

I paid a bar grader for inside information. However, what I received was law lectures and bar grades. My exam critiques consisted of a total score (95%) and numbers written on my answers (1, 3, 14). When I asked what the numbers represented, she referred me to a page in her bar review book that attached meaning to each number (ie: 14. poor analysis). I was expecting to get the secret to passing; instead, I was getting generic reasons why I was failing. With each criticism, she broadened the gap between me and them. She told me why I was failing, but did not teach me what to do about it.

After paying $5,000 for a tutorial program because it included Performance Exam Preparation, the tutor told the class…”There really isn’t any way to prepare for the Performance Exam.”

After failing the bar exam numerous times, and feeling poor and vulnerable, I asked my new tutor which of his programs was right for me. He emailed back this response: “Seeing as how my wife wants to remodel our kitchen this fall, I imagine it would be very much in your interest to sign up for my most expensive program right now and to consider adding on additional services later”.

At the last class meeting before the exam, instead of wishing us good luck and firing us up to succeed, this past bar grader instead told us…”While you are taking the exam, I will be drinking a Margarita by the pool". To add insult to injury, she then giggled in delight.

A week before the bar exam, my tutor missed our last scheduled appointment. I was met by an assistant whom I had never dealt with, who told me the tutor was unavailable. When I asked what was going on, the assistant went into the other room and called the tutor. The tutor eventually showed up irate and started berating me. He sent me to the bar exam completely stressed. No explanation, no last meeting, no apology. No Good Luck.

After covering Wills that day in class, I asked my tutor for clarification about a testable area in Wills, the tutor responded “I’m sure that won’t be on the exam.” Then, walked away.

When inquiring about tutorial services, I asked if I could talk to the tutor, instead I was told by a third party “Prior to becoming a student I cannot put you in touch with her, she is extremely busy.”

After paying my tutor close to $5,000, I found out that my tutorial was in a class with first time takers, and that the exam critiques were group exam critiques. When I asked him if he would look over my bar exam answers to see what I was doing wrong, he told me that he did not need to, that he knew what they looked like.

After not hearing anything about my Criminal Law practice exam answer, I emailed my tutor. His response was “I don’t think much of your crim answer".

Such stories drive Ms. Bandy to bring pertinent and professional service to Repeaters of the bar exam. Mutual respect and personal responsibility are component parts to her "Repeater Success" rate.

Bandy set out to bring relevant bar exam preparation to Repeaters and to make a positive difference in the industry.
She has achieved these goals.
She has not forgotten these goals.

You may contact Paulina Bandy, Esq. directly at: