Repeaters of the CA Bar Exam Beat the Odds, Become Attorneys

Passing the CA Bar Exam is now statistically closer for repeat takers. Paulina Bandy's tutorial specializing in bar exam preparation for Repeaters yields a 100% pass rate. Classes for the February 2010 CA Bar Exam begin November 30, 2009.

October 19, 2009 ( - Want to pass the CA Bar Exam? Your odds of becoming an attorney may increase if you previously failed the bar exam. Paulina Bandy's bar exam tutorial for Repeaters, "Let's Do This Thing", has a 100% pass rate according to the latest state bar pass list. The State Bar of California website currently posts a 33.5% overall bar exam pass rate. For repeaters of the exam, the general pass rate statistics go down to 26.3%.

To achieve this 100% pass rate, one would think that Bandy must select only the top law students into her program. Surprisingly, it appears her selection process is based more on choosing the best people. "I provide a service that makes bar candidates attorneys." Bandy says. "I take this responsibility to the public seriously, and only select candidates that I think will make a positive difference with their license to practice law."

The Let's Do This Thing™ program starts November 30, 2009 in preparation for the February 2010 CA Bar Exam. To learn more about the Let's Do This Thing™ program visit the CA Bar Exam Repeaters' Resource™ website at: