Repeater Success™ -
Paulina Bandy Gets It

Repeater Success™ - <br>Paulina Bandy Gets It
How does Paulina Bandy produce "Repeater Success"?

Success is planned, and expected at CA Bar Exam Repeaters' Resource™. Paulina Bandy has a knack for unveiling why a candidate is failing and provides workable solutions. Her ability is supported by the tools she created to get the job done. Following are possibilities of how she gets the results she does.

Her Teaching Fulfills

Ms. Bandy is an educator. Her background includes teaching other academics advanced teaching methods and creating hands-on curriculum. Prior to law school, she taught California school teachers how to effectively teach Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, and Rocket Science to their students. Bandy entered law school with the intent of becoming a law professor. After experiencing bar exam preparation deficiencies, and seeing her colleagues struggling at the California Bar Exam, she found her calling. Paulina Bandy is enthusiastic about teaching. This is her chosen field; not, a default career.

Her Curriculum provides Answers to your Questions

Ms. Bandy creates lessons geared toward the specific needs of Repeaters.

Her Materials supply your Guidance

Ms. Bandy creates learning devices relevant to Repeater Success™.

Her Findings provide Preparation Insight

Paulina Bandy researched bar candidate preparation. She scientifically collected and analyzed data on both Repeaters and Passers. She sees common denominators in Repeaters. She sees common denominators in Passers. She prepares Repeaters to be Passers.

Her Reverse Engineering remedied Repeater Exam Presentation

While deconstructing the CA Bar Exam, Ms. Bandy discovered solutions to teaching Repeaters bar exam presentation.

Her Perspective Empowers

Paulina Bandy experienced firsthand ineffective teaching, arrogance, and apathy in the bar exam preparation industry. Propelled by her good guy instincts, bar exam repeaters benefit from her protective nature and obsession with bar exam repeaters passing the bar exam and moving on with their careers and lives.

Her Determination Demonstrates Dedication

Ms. Bandy is dedicated to her candidates. She wants them to pass and will do everything in her power to see that result.

How does Paulina Bandy produce Repeater Success™? Possibly, it is a combination of her skill set, knowledge, insight, ethics, and old fashion caring. The good news is, there is no need to put her qualifications into words, just enjoy the results.