Study Saturation℠ Tutorial - Feb 21 prep for Oct 20 Repeaters

Study Saturation&#8480 Tutorial - Feb 21 prep for Oct 20 Repeaters
Prerequisite for February 2021: Due to the fast turnaround time and the necessity for help, I am reserving ALL February 2021 spots for October 2020 Calbar Repeaters only.

5 Fulfilling Weeks. This program is in double time.
Invigorating. Exhilarating. Purposeful.

We will need to dive in promptly after results, so do not delay contacting me if you are interested in possibly working together.
I anticipate this program filling quickly. Courtesy Consultations are required because we are both choosing our teammate and we both want a great team.

You need to know before we talk...
-Your teleconferences will be twice a week
-You'll need to study a minimum of four hours during the weekdays, and all weekends up to the bar exam.
-This is not a passive program. Your participation and willingness to do the assignments is paramount to its success.
-Your schedule will follow my Sequence to Successful Bar Prep

This is a highly specialized program with unmatched success with repeaters of the Calbar. My Bar Exam Semantics™ Guidebook, lessons, and training are trade secrets not available to the masses which gives my candidates the level up.
There is a cap on enrollment.
Tuition options will be provided after our consultation since your legal education, past bar prep and exam performance, factor into this investment.

Contact: for a courtesy consultation to discuss your preparation and trajectory in detail.

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Bar Exam Strategist

Non Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement is a prerequisite to participation in my tutorials.

Common Sense Disclaimer: The success of this program is dependent upon your bringing my teachings and materials to life. Taking this program is not a guarantee you will pass the bar exam. I can guarantee I will do everything within my control to make passing the bar exam as plausible as possible.

Paulina Bandy reserves the right to select candidates for this one-on-one tutorial based upon program and work style compatibility.