Changing Course™ Tutorial

Changing Course<Font Size=1><Sup>SM</Sup></Font> Tutorial  - In-Depth Tutorial for Calbar Multi-Repeaters
“The Course of Action”℠

The successful tutorial created for, and implemented by, multi-repeaters of the California Bar Exam.

“Absent implementing necessary change, repeaters display loyalty to comfortable study habits which trap them in negative results. Negative results don’t lie. My tutorial programs necessary changes repeaters need to produce the desired result, passing the CA Bar Exam.”
---Paulina Bandy, Esq.

The mission is to help bar candidates who are mistakenly splattered with failure mud. I clean them up, polish them, and expose their brilliance. I teach smart, hard-working bar candidates how to prepare and present their work within the constraints of the CA Bar Exam.

Geared toward getting multi-repeaters to the passing side, this program is in-depth and includes teaching you how to conform to bar exam expectations, preparing you like a passing candidate, and developing good habits while breaking bad habits.

For approximately 3 months, we work privately towards our goal of you passing the targeted bar exam. As you improve Essay, Multi-State, and Performance sections of the exam, and all testable subjects, it is an exhilarating experience because the progress is palatable. I want my candidates to enjoy preparation and exam days because if it goes as planned they will not be doing this again.

A courtesy consultation to discuss your bar exam experiences in detail and whether my program is for you is the first step. Then after we talk, if you would like more information, I will send a proposal with specific options to suit your needs, preferences, and start time. Contact me, Paulina, directly at: to arrange a mutually convenient teleconference time.

---Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Owner of CA Bar Exam Repeaters’ Resource™
Bar Exam Private Tutor

Other stuff you may want to know:

Non-Disclosure and Licensing Agreement is required prior to participating in this program to preserve and protect trade secrets, lessons, CA Bar Exam Book of Prompts™ and Bar Exam Frameworks™.

Due to the attention Paulina Bandy provides each candidate, the number of candidates accepted into the program each preparatory period is limited. Paulina Bandy reserves the right to select candidates based upon her discretion and availability (typically, I don’t speak in third person, but I wanted it to be clear).

The Changing Course™ Tutorial was formerly called the Let's Do This Thing™ Tutorial.

Common Sense Disclaimer: I guarantee I will do all that is in my power to get my candidates to pass the Calbar! I cannot guarantee that by taking my program you will pass because I am only part of the equation.

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