Changing Course™ Tutorial
with Paulina Bandy, Esq.

CHANGING COURSE<Font Size=1><Sup>SM</Sup></Font> <br>The original Calbar Multi-Repeater Tutorial
“The Course of Action”℠

Created for, Implemented by,
Multi-repeaters of the California Bar Exam

The Mission:

To help bar candidates who are mistakenly splattered with failure mud. I clean them up, polish them, and expose their brilliance.

The Candidate:

I teach smart, hard-working California Bar Exam repeat takers how to fit into the constraints of the CA Bar Exam so they may move on to their careers.

This candidate has extra challenges to address in their studies:

-Graduated from Low Performing Law Schools - CA accredited law schools, correspondence schools
-Multi-Repeater - Failed CA Bar Exam more than 2 times
-Working - during study period

What you Get:

Access to Me, My Book Bar Exam Semantics™, Bar Exam Expectation and Nuance Lessons, and On Point Practice.

What to Expect:

It is an exhilarating experience because the progress is palatable. It is exciting for both of us to see your epiphanies in practice in the Essays, Multi-states, Performance Exam, and in all 14 subject areas.

For approximately 3 months, we work privately towards our goal of you passing the targeted bar exam. A day-to-day personalized calendar guides this progress.

I want you to enjoy the time we have together because if it goes as planned you will not be studying for the bar exam again.

You are the consideration in this tutorial. Your welfare in this process and what is necessary to get you to pass factor into my preparation equation.

It takes both of us working consistently to achieve this goal.

Prerequisites for this course::

*Failed CA Bar Exam after bar review
*Want this
*Willing to work for it

Finding the Right Candidate:

It is important to our success that this program be a good fit; therefore, I offer courtesy consultations for candid discussion. If you want to talk confidentially about your bar exam preparation, email me at directly, and we may arrange a teleconference.

Currently there are no consultation times available for the July 2022 preparatory season.

These private lessons with Paulina Bandy, Esq. start at $8,500 for the 2022 preparatory seasons. Factors such as your legal education, the quality of your bar review, your bar exam experience, your needs and preferences, and start time play a role in tuition determination. After our consultation if we both decide we are interested in possibly working together, a proposal will be emailed to you with several detailed options.

---Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Owner of CA Bar Exam Repeaters’ Resource™
Bar Exam Private Tutor

“It is not by coincidence my candidates pass the CA Bar Exam, it is a result of calculation and cultivation.”
--- Paulina Bandy, Esq.

Other stuff you may want to know:

If you were scored in a second read at the Calbar, from an ABA law school, or failed the bar exam only twice, it is likely the Means to an End Tutorial is for you: The Means to an EndSM Tutorial Details

Non-Disclosure and Licensing Agreement is required prior to participating in this program to preserve and protect trade secrets, lessons, CA Bar Exam Book of Prompts™ and Bar Exam Frameworks™.

Due to the attention Paulina Bandy provides each candidate, there is a cap on enrollment. Paulina Bandy reserves the right to select candidates based upon her discretion and availability (typically, I don’t speak in third person, but I wanted it to be clear).

The Changing Course™ Tutorial was formerly called the Let's Do This Thing™ Tutorial. It is the first, and only, bar exam preparation created for and exclusively geared to repeaters.

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Common Sense Disclaimer: I guarantee I will do all that is in my power to get my candidates to pass the Calbar! I cannot guarantee that by taking my program you will pass because I am only part of the equation.