Underdog Bar Exam Repeaters Beat Harvard Law Grads

Paulina Bandy earns the name Lawyer Maker. Her Cinderella repeaters out-perform Harvard and Stanford bar candidates.

November 18, 2010 (Newswire.com) - Can the middle-aged, night school graduate, sole supporter of a wife and three kids, seven-time repeater, compete against top tier law school graduates at the CA Bar Exam? Looking at Paulina Bandy's tutees, he not only competes, he beats them. The difficulty of the CA Bar Exam created a specialized niche for Bandy. Her tutorial is geared toward law school graduates unable to obtain a license to practice law because of failing an exam. To be accepted into Bandy's "Let's Do This Thing" tutorial, the candidate must fail the bar exam at least twice.

Bandy's unique talent became apparent in 2009, when she led repeaters to a victory over Harvard and Stanford first time takers at the February CA Bar Exam. The pass rates: Harvard: 67%, Stanford: 70%, Bandy: 100%

For Bandy's candidates, the dream of becoming an attorney is no longer squashed by a single exam. This opens the gate for quality people, some underprivileged, to enter this esteemed profession.

Bandy's candidates are smart, humble individuals dedicated to her. One of her students, T.E. says "Paulina will be forever appreciated".

Despite underdog beginnings, Bandy's candidates are front runners at the February 2011 CA Bar Exam.

Statistics are based upon the February 2009 Statistics Report and pass list released by The State Bar of California. Similar to Bandy's tutorial, Harvard and Stanford had 10 or less candidates sitting for the February 2009 CA Bar Exam. Harvard and Stanford statistics are based upon first time takers compared with Bandy's repeat takers. According to the state bar, the pass rate statistic for repeaters, including out-of-state attorneys, for the February 2009 CA Bar Exam was 26.6%.

Update: Subsequent to the above article, the California state bar website no longer publishes the pass rate statistics for schools with 10 or less takers.