Reviews, Referrals, Recommendations, and Comments

Reviews, Referrals, Recommendations, Endorsements and Comments<br> by Bar Candidates
Want to know what it is like to experience Paulina Bandy's tutorial?

A tutee's mom, arms outstretched for a hug, rushes up to Paulina Bandy and says, “there’s our miracle worker”.
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee SS

Candidate is empowered to take the bar exam after a 20 year hiatus and tells Paulina "My only regret is I did not hire you sooner."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee CK

A multiple repeater, who lost her job before the start of her tutorial because she could not pass the CA Bar Exam, emails her appreciation and shares with Paulina Bandy the good news about the pay-off of their hard work... "PASSED. I owe it all to you. Thank you for everything."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee RC

On Results Day, a tutee personifies Paulina Bandy's goals for the Repeaters' ResourceTM...
"I PASSED!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement!!!... Thank you!! I owe so much of my success to your help and guidance! I relied so heavily on your Prompts and Framework through the whole experience. You really shaped me and helped me see things in a way that I just couldn't before. Thank you for believing in me and for your support. I still can't believe I finally did it! My emotions are still all over the place. After six tries, I just expected to take the exam again because I didn't want to get my hopes up just to be crushed again. After three years of trying to pass the bar exam, all I know is studying and now I'm kind of in shock and don't know what to do, hahaha. It's like a whole new life just began! Well, again, thank you for your help and guidance, and most of all your kindness!"
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee CC

Minutes after results posting, Paulina Bandy hears screams of joy, and cries of relief, from a roomful of her tutee's family and friends. On the phone with Paulina, the tutee's mom shares...
"We are all crying here. Thank you so much for all your help."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee SY

Samplings over the years of Passing Announcements Paulina receives after bar exam results...

"I passed. The 2 sweetest words I've waited to say for some time now...Nobody has believed in me like you have..."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2014

"I PASSED!!! Another very satisfied customer..."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2012

“No one was able to help me, not the Harvard or Yale JDs or my (bar review name removed) professor. You were the only one to show me, and took the time to tell me, what was wrong with my writing.”
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

On Results Day, candidate emails...
"I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!"
The day before results, his email read...
"I really hope that I passed, not just for obvious reasons; I'd be really embarrassed if I blew it again after working with a pro."
--- Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

"Thank you! I'm very relieved."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2010

"Thank you so much for all of your help! I'm thrilled to be done."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2011

"PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOO much Paulina!!!!!!!!! I owe this to you!"
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2009

"I had failed the bar exam 8 times before I met you. I passed the 9th time THANKS to YOU! I am indebted to you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2009

(Name removed for privacy)
"The name above appears on the pass list for the February 2010 California Bar Examination. Thanks."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2010

"You definitely gave me the tools to pass."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2008

"I passed!!!! Thanks for all your help and moral support!"
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2008

"I really appreciate your refreshing energy and positive insight throughout the process, it really helped me."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2009

Listen to how Paulina's candidates feel prepared and equipped at the bar exam...

"Today I felt trained, and I thank you! 😊 I was so calm and collected and it was nice to feel that way!"
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2015 (after the first day of the bar exam)

"Thanks again for your help in preparation. What a huge difference in my confidence. Unbelievable!"
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2015 (after the first day of the bar exam)

"My husband told me that he can hear in my voice confidence he's never heard before, he said I used to sound defeated. You are to thank for that. Thank you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2014 (the second day of the bar exam - before she knew she passed)

“Thank you again Paulina. I would have been so lost if it was not for your help and guidance giving me a fighting chance.”
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2013 (called after the exam at 5:30 - before she knew she passed)

“I have to give you credit, your innovative approach simplified what used to be overwhelming."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

Here's a peek into the dedication of Paulina's tutees, they become self-appointed recruiters...

"Thank you so much for your encouragement, advice, help and everything else. I couldn't have done it without you. If you ever need/want me to speak with any of your future students about my experience my door is always open. Thanks so much, Paulina!!"
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2014

"I felt good coming out of the exam and have felt that way ever since. I will be delighted to refer other candidates to you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2012

"I have a friend at work that also needs your help."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2011

"I hear your program is the best at helping repeaters pass this dang thing..." (The first email received from candidate)
"Your methods were awesome and I will make sure to refer you to everyone I know who wants to pass this thing."
---Final email from Tutee July 2010 (was referred to Paulina, he passed, and now refers others to her)

"I have another referral for you. She is a dear friend of mine..."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

"I'm taking the CA Bar Exam in February...and you came highly, highly recommended by my friend..."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2011

"The attorneys where I work told me to contact you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2010

"...told me to contact you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

"...referred me to you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

"I will recommend your tutorial to other bar candidates."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2008

Notice how tutees appreciate Paulina's extra touches...

“Geez, thank you so very much. How did you know that I needed to hear these words?!”
---July 2015 Tutee

"You've thought of everything Paulina..."
---July 2015 Tutee

"Thanks so much for your dedication to us, your students. Really appreciate you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2011

"Thanks for putting so much work into me. You always looked out for my best interest, and I appreciate it."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2008

"I can tell that you took time to detail a personal study schedule that would work for me. Thank you."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee February 2008

The impact of Paulina Bandy's work continues long after the tutorial and passing of the exam. Some Candidates email Paulina on their passing anniversaries. Here is an example for you to see...

"So the bar is next week. For the first time in a year-and-a-half I'm NOT taking it. Feels pretty awesome. Clients are now paying me for legal advice. Thanks again for being such a great coach and tutor."
---Paulina Bandy's Tutee July 2009

Whether you call it reaping what she sows, or karma, Ms. Bandy's candidates give back. All reviews, referrals, recommendations, endorsements, and comments above are, unsolicited and uncompensated, statements from Paulina's bar candidates and their moms.

"I appreciate the trust bar candidates, their families, and their friends, place in me. Thank you for the referrals. In addition, I would like to respond to my students' praises by acknowledging the part they play in this process. Without each candidate's active participation in my tutorial, the outcome might have been different. Just paying for a tutorial does not get you to pass the exam. Each of us has a position to play. The candidates above played their designated position on this two-person team, and played it well."
---Paulina Bandy, Esq.

The identity of the above tutees are withheld in consideration of their privacy. Paulina Bandy receives many thank you emails, cards, texts, and calls, spanning the 12 years she has been tutoring CA Bar candidates, and encompassing both February and July bar exams. This is not a complete or chronological list. It is a sampling.