Meeting the Needs of Repeaters

Repeater Prep Down to a Science - Reassuringly Relevant
Paulina Bandy's private tutorial for CA Bar Exam Repeaters considers the convenience and necessities of repeaters including: location, timing, lessons and materials created especially for repeat takers.

Location - Right Where You Are - Conveniently Remote

I created my private tutorial around the needs of repeaters. Included in this plan back in 2007, and still proving helpful in 2021, is providing remote help to candidates no matter their location.

Timing and Time - Within the allotted time the state bar provides and your work schedule dictates

My tutorial follows whatever constraints the bar exam dictates in order to get my candidates into the club.

It is not good enough that my program works well for others, it has to work well for you too. This includes making my program fit into your schedule. I accomplish this by creating a personal, day-to-day, calendar for each candidate to maximize their study time.

Meeting Repeater Needs - My lessons, book, guidance, time management, and practical practice prepares my tutees to compete at the California Bar Exam.

Early Start: In certain circumstances, keeping the candidate’s best interest in mind and without compromising the integrity of my program, candidates may sign up early and receive their materials and orientation prior to beginning their formal lessons. Email to make special arrangements.

Tutorial Participation: All prospective candidates must contact me prior to signing up to determine program compatibility and availability. A limited amount of students are accepted each preparatory period due to the personal attention received in this course of action. Please let me know your intentions as soon as you decide to participate, so I keep you in mind in the selection process.

You may email me directly to get more information or if interested in securing a tutorial spot at:

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
CA Bar Exam Repeaters' ResourceTM